Supercharge musicality with guitar games

Game Up Your Guitar Skills

Transforming guitar practice routine into an engaging, game-like experience

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Supercharge musicality with guitar games

Boost your Guitar Intuition

Master your fretboard with games, develop musical intuition, identify intervals, chords and scales, and play by ear effortlessly.

Gamified Guitar Practice Routine

Establish and maintain a guitar practice routine that's fun and rewarding. Complete daily workouts, improve playing consistency, and elevate your playing.

The Gym for Guitarists
GuitarGym is a Game

Play, Earn, Collect

Compete, win awards, earn coins and use them to unlock unique guitars. Build your exclusive collection and become a guitar hero.

Practice Better with Friends

Connect with fellow players, receive feedback, showcase your guitar talents, get inspiration, and stay motivated: our community is at the heart of the gym.

Practice better with friends

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